The Adventures of the Night Swords

This is a play-by-email Pathfinder RPG campaign set in Golarion. Current Level 10, with seven players at present. The name of the campaign is ‘the Cenotaph Conspiracy’ and we begin play in the nation of Brevoy, at the southern foot of the Golushkin Mountains.

I will be posting each game ‘move’ as they become available. I hope you enjoy them!

As we begin our campaign our heroes find themselves marooned in King’s Mead, a rustic frontier town located at the southern foot of the Golushkin Mountains in Brevoy. They had come to town as part of a merchant caravan out of Numeria – until a savage bandit raid left the caravan master and most of his staff slaughtered. Now the party nurses their wounds and plots what to do next – for gold is short, and time, it seems, is growing shorter as well….

For a time the party wanders the northern mountains, battling orcs and slaughtering the forces of Karn, Bandit King. In time the orcs lay dead, and Karn as well, and the heroes return to King’s Mead to collect their due reward. But now new stirrings come to them, rumors of wealth and glory in the forests to the south. And so they voyage onward, intent upon reaching the ruins manor of a long-dead wizard, intent upon exploring the place, and sacking it as well…

During the party’s extended exploration of the manor house, a vile wight attacked and murdered the party’s half-orc inquisitor, Marcus of Vigil. May his valiant soul rest in peace….

Now the party has descended far beneath the manor house, and discovered the possible resting place of the strange artifact they are seeking. But what new dangers await them there?

Success! The party has recovered the mysterious and vaunted Locket of Tyren. But what does it do, and what lengths will the forces of Darkness go to to recover it for themselves? Only time will tell, of course. For the moment, our heroes must focus on escaping pursuit, and delving deeper into the mysteries that surround them.

Traitor! The hellknight known as Albia Sinterblood has stolen the Locket of Tyren! Now she is on the run, and the party must make a difficult decision – abandon her, and the quest for the Locket, or continue on, and follow her to the ends of the earth. Questions have been asked, and answers are now forthcoming. What will happen next remains to be seen.

Adventures of the Night Swords!

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