Talathel Silvertree

Forlorn Elf Bard


The wandering minstrel known as Talathel Silvertree has never known the life of a proper elf. Born somewhere in the border region between the elf kingdom of Kyonin and the troubled republic of Galt, Talathel was found as a baby in the Southern Hymbrian Forest. To this day no one knows what became of his parents, or why he’d been abandoned so far from home. The only clues to his identity: a signet ring engraved with mysterious elven runes – the name ‘Talathel Silvertree’ was engraved upon the inner part of the ring, encouraging his rescuers to name him thusly.

Once he’d been rescued, the infant was taken to a monastery dedicated to Shelyn, the Eternal Rose – the Taldan goddess of art, beauty, love and music. There the kindly monks raised him as best they could, and tutored the young elf in art and song. It was a blessed childhood, filled with happiness and light – except for one factor. As an elf, Talathel aged more slowly than the other orphans, and so watched as all his friends grew up, got married, and moved away, all while the poor lad seemed to stay in place, unchanging. In time everyone he’d known as a child was dead of old age, a trauma that left indelible scars on both his psyche and his soul. Now, like most of the Forlorn – so called elves who were somehow denied a proper elven upbringing – Talathel often feels insular and remorse. His is a life of sadness and loneliness, of love lost, or oft-times never found.

Talathel Silvertree

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