Auroch Coldeven

Dwarf Gun Marshal


Vengence: it burns in your heart like a cold flame. Once, you were one of the vaunted Grand Marshals of Alkenstar, an elite watch force dedicated to protecting the borders of your home Duchy at all costs. You were young and overly proud of your status, something that was all but certain to lead to your ultimate downfall.

As a young lad, fresh from his training as a Novice Marshal, Sigmar was sent with a cadre of other Marshals to fetch a priceless magic elixir from a potion merchant in Katapesh. Known as the Sun Orchid Elixir, this potion was known to erase all aging in the person drinking it, thus restoring them to a more youthful physical status, not matter what their age. This potion was to be given to the Grand Duchess’s beloved grandmother, who was ill and not long for this life.

Sadly, others knew of the transport of the Elixir, and sought to wrest it from your control. The evil mage Tirana Noldirr led the attack, and many of your comrades were killed. The Sun Orchid Elixir was taken, and now Sigmar had dedicated his life to hunting down Tirana, and seeing her brought to justice.

He was not alone in his quest to seek justice for this long ago wrong: the daughter of an old friend seeks the same thing, if for different reasons. Eiko Yukimura is her name, and you have come to find her, and enlist her aid in bringing Tirana to book.

Auroch Coldeven

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