Laori Vaus

Female Half-Elf Bard / Cleric of Calistria


Revenge: it is a way of life, and can often take precedence over everything else in one’s experience. Such is the world of Laori Vaus, who began life as the illegitimate daughter of a Chelish opera star and a married military officer. The scandal caused by their brief tryst was enough to destroy the budding career of the opera singer, and damage the reputation of the officer. In the end he was transferred off to a distant part of the Empire, and the girl was turned out in the street, forever ruined.

Thusly the elven-blooded Nicola Vaus was forced to earn her living as a cheap tavern singer and trollop, struggling to earn a few coppers to make ends meet. Her daughter was born into squalor and quickly learned that a pretty face and a pretty voice can do much to make the world go ‘round. In time our Laori had become a lovely young woman, and was quite in demand amongst her various ‘suitors’ at the dockside tavern she and her mother frequented in Corentyn. Then something happened that was to change both of their lives forever.

A local ‘procurer’ for an expensive harlot hall in Egorian had come calling, and saw something in Laori that no one else did. He took her away from that filthy sty, and made her a lady of breeding and culture. In time she was escorting the rich and the powerful to state dinners and other affairs, and was often on the arm of some of the Empire’s most wealthy and elite. But one man in particular had caught her eye – the Lord General Brandis Sarani, a wealthy and powerful officer in the Imperial Army. And thusly she had committed that most egregious of sins: she fell in love with a man, and thus wove her Fate to that of another.

Brandis’ murder at the hands of his own brother tore her asunder. She then fled Cheliax, and even cast aside her worship of both Asmodeus and Hell. Now she follows Calistria, and seeks terrible vengeance over those who have wronged her. Now she merely needs allies in this endeavor, and a plan to carry it out.

Laori Vaus

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