Iacobus Sarani

Human Blackblade Magus


Iacobus Sarini
4th Level Blackblade Magus

Race: Human (Chelaxian from Cheliax)
Sex: male
Size: medium
Age: 21 (born 5/8/4690)
Height/weight: 6’ / 198-lbs.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Asmodeus, the Prince of Darkness
Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Elven, Varisian
Hair: black, worn long
Skin: pale
Eyes: violet

Class modifiers: Base attack +3 / Fort +4 / Reflex +1 / Will +4

Combat Maneuver Bonus: +7 / Combat Maneuver Defense: 18

Statistics: ability modifier

Strength: 18 +4
Dexterity: 12 +1
Constitution: 14 +2
Intelligence: 16 +3
Wisdom: 12 +1
Charisma: 12 +1

Hit points: 39
Armor class: 16
Experience: 9,001

Skills (Rank):
Knowledge (Arcana): 1 (7)
Knowledge (the Planes): 1 (
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 1 (7)
Knowledge (History): 1 (
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty): 1 (4)
Knowledge (Religion): 1 (
Perception: 4 (7)
Ride: 1 (
Spellcraft: 4 (10)
Sense Motive: 4 (
Use Magic Device: 3 (+7)

Feats & Class Abilities:
Class Weapon Proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons, plus light armor – no arcane spell failure chance if wearing light armor or less
Magus Abilities: Spells, Blackblade Archetype (the sword in question is a masterwork scimitar named ‘Kasaeyris’)
Ability: Arcane Pool (four spell points available – may be used to grant any weapon you are holding 1 status for one minute, using one point at a time – this ability stacks with any bonus the weapon already has)
Ability: Spell Combat (you may cast spells and wield your weapon at the same time – acts must like two-weapon fighting – any melee attack made with your weapon is at -2 to hit)
Ability: Spell Strike (you may deliver a touch spell you have memorized through your melee weapon as part of any regular attack)
Ability: Blackblade weapon: a scimitar known as Kasaeyris: considered a +1 Scimitar with an Intelligence of 11, a Wisdom and Charisma of 7, and Ego 5. It speaks Common, and shares your saves. Arcane Pool: one spell point (Bonus Feats and Abilities: Alertness (already figured in above) / Black Blade Strike (you may spend one of the sword’s Arcane Points to grant it a +1 to damage for one minute) / Telepathy / Unbreakable)
Ability: Spell Recall (you may recall any spell that you have previously prepared and cast that same day – this costs a number of spell points equal to the spell’s level – minimum 1)
Feat: Combat Casting (
4 to all Concentration checks when casting on the defensive, injured while casting a spell, or grappling)
Feat: Arcane Strike (you may imbue your weapon with arcane power – this weapon receives a 1 to damage for one round – treated as magic for overcoming damage reduction)
Feat: Weapon Focus (
1 to hit with scimitar)


Iacobus Sarani and his younger brother are members of the noble Sarani clan of Cheliax – a lofty noble house known as cruel jokesters. But now the joke is on them, for they have lost everything, save their not-so-noble skins. Their father was a general in the Chelaxian Army, and a veteran of many a glorious campaign. As a reward for his years of faithful service, the Crown awarded him and his family a large plot of land near Belde, in the southwestern corner of the country. This was to prove to be his undoing.

Iacobus’ uncle, Lord Nefris, coveted the land as well. So he saw to it that a deadly poison was administered to the food at a banquet in the father’s honor. He also saw to it that both brothers were not given the poison. When many noble guests at the banquet died in the throes of agony, the brothers knew they had been set up – and so they fled, only to be arrested by a Hellknight patrol just south of the border with Nidal. The trial was swift, and the judgment surprising – not guilty! Someone apparently interceded with the judges to see to the brothers’ survival; to this day you have no idea who helped you, or why. But the final implications were clear – the pair soon fled Cheliax with only the clothes on their backs, likely never to return.

‘Lord’ Iacobus is at heart a terrible person – he is pretentious, cocky, and talks down to everyone he perceives as lower in rank than he. Alternatively, he will suck up to those he thinks can elevate him, for he despises the lowly situation he now finds himself in. He also DEMANDS respect from people – constantly, and sometimes causes trouble over little things, small personal slights that greater men overlook as a matter of course. (Note: he is also terrified of being poisoned, and will take extraordinary measures to avoid same)

Iacobus Sarani

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