Eiko Yukimura

human ninja


Race: Human (Tian-Min/Varisian blood from Varisia)
Sex: female
Age: 22 (7/5/4690)
Height/weight: 5’3” / 125-lbs.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Irori
Hair: black, glossy
Skin: dusky
Eyes: almandine, brown


Eiko is the daughter of Kei Yukimura of Minkai and Zemfira Baryori of Varisia. Her father traveled across Golarion with trade caravans, masquerading as a merchant. In actuality he was a ninja for hire. While journeying across Varisia, he met the lovely Zemfira, and the two began traveling and adventuring together. Eiko was born several years later, and the small family continued its nomadic existence, occasionally turning to tomb-robbing and other adventurous activities to make ends meet.

When Eiko was five, her parents were hired by the Lady Tirana Noldirr (a powerful mage) to seek out a mysterious scroll. Once this scroll was secured, Kei stayed with Eiko at a nearby inn while Zemfira went to deliver the item in question at Tirana’s estate. Zemfira never returned, and ruffians were dispatched to slay Kei and his daughter as well. After a harrowing chase Kei and Eiko escaped into the wilderness, and vowed to seek revenge upon the vile sorceress. In time Kei devoted himself to teaching his daughter the ways of the ninja so that someday, she too could seek out the murderer of her mother. Eiko learned the art of subterfuge and stealth, and learned to wield both melee weapons and ranged.

Kei kept his daughter close until she turned 17. Then he decided it was time for her to hone her talents on her own, until she was sufficiently talented enough to assist him in bringing Tirana to justice. Over the next several years Eiko traveled far and wide, taking a variety of odd jobs as cover for her ninja activities between adventures. Each year she met her father in secret, with him testing her skills and asking for news of her adventures.

Eiko has spent the past year serving as the cook aboard a small merchant sailing ship known as the Dancing Star, with excursions to supplement her income, or to further her training while the ship was in port. Recently she arrived for the annual reunion with her father, only to find he was not there. She returned to her shipmates troubled inside, and wondering what her father’s absence portended.

Eiko’s most treasured possession is her mother’s Kapenia, which she carries with her folded in a small pouched against her chest. She dreams of using it to throttle the last breath of her mother’s killer.

Eiko recently reunited with Auroch Coldeven, a dwarven Gun Marshal and longtime family friend. Their reunion was bittersweet, for Uncle SIggy came with the tragic news of Kei’s recent death at the hands of Noldirr’s agents.

Eiko Yukimura

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