Akorian Sarani

Human Shadow Mage


Akorian Sarani and his older brother are members of the noble Sarani clan of Cheliax – a lofty noble house known as cruel jokesters. But now the joke is on them, for they have lost everything, save their not-so-noble skins. Their father was a general in the Chelaxian Army, and a veteran of many a glorious campaign. As a reward for his years of faithful service, the Crown awarded him and his family a large plot of land near Belde, in the southwestern corner of the country. This was to prove to be his undoing.

Akorian’s uncle, Lord Nefris, coveted the land as well. So he saw to it that a deadly poison was administered to the food at a banquet in the father’s honor. He also saw to it that both brothers were not given the poison. When many noble guests at the banquet died in the throes of agony, the brothers knew they had been set up – and so they fled, only to be arrested by a Hellknight patrol just south of the border with Nidal. The trial was swift, and the judgment surprising – not guilty! Someone apparently interceded with the judges to see to the brothers’ survival; to this day you have no idea who helped you, or why. But the final implications were clear – the pair soon fled Cheliax with only the clothes on their backs, likely never to return.

Akorian has been plagued by strange dreams in the years since – dreams of dragons, dreams of bronze scales, and dreams of vivid red eyes shining in the darkness. Now he can feel fell powers flowing through his veins, magical energies he cannot yet understand, or control. It is only a matter of time before this power erupts into the open, and Akorian cannot say if it will be for good or ill…

Akorian Sarani

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